+ How much training should we do?

When you sign up for Coastrek, you get access to our  Luvmyhike "lite" training program for the duration of their Coastrek Training period (12 weeks) to ensure you’re perfectly prepared for event day! More information here

+ Do you offer training?

Yes. More details on training programs and resources will be sent to you after registration. 

+What is the Sydney Coastrek route like?

 You can see the Sydney Coastrek 2019 route here. 

+ Is there compulsory gear? What should I wear?

Compulsory gear you must carry

Compulsory gear will be checked at registration

  • Hi-Vis Vest with reflective strips for each team member to be worn on roadways and at night/in the dark. We are required to carry out mandatory spot checks at registration and along the course. Available to buy at most hardware stores and online. For pink vests try HERE
  • Food and water: Minimum 2-litre water carrying capacity – bladder or bottles. Note cups will not be provided at any of the LuvStops
  • Basic First Aid (e.g. blister pads, band-aids, sunscreen, tape, bandage) + 1 emergency/space blanket per team
  • Event bibs worn on front
  • For 60km & 15km teams: Head or hand torch + spare batteries, for the start/night walking
  • Recommended: Phones and spare toilet paper (for just in case)
  • For gear suggestions check out the chapter: How to Prepare for Coastrek – OMG What Shall I Wear HERE and your Virtual Goodie Bag on the website for partner discounts
  • Maps.ME version of the route on at least 2 phones of the team, different networks as coverage can be intermittent. Follow instructions HERE to set it up.

OMG what do I wear?

Check our Coastrek E-Book 'OMG What Do I Wear' for gear recommendations and your Virtual Goodie Bag on the website for partner discounts.

+ How do I prevent blisters and stay injury free?

Read our expert advice on blister management here. Make sure you have happy feet on your Coastrek journey.

How do I stay injury free?

Tips from our friends at Physiocise to help you keep injury free can be found here.

+ What should I eat? How do I prepare for all weather conditions?

Advice from nutritionist Dr Joanna here on what to eat and drink during training and event day.

How do I prepare for all weather conditions?

How to keep cool out there when it is HOT HOT HOT and tips for managing the cold, and other weather conditions.