Event Day Friday 16 March 2018

Prior to Event Day:

  • Read your Sydney Coastrek 2017 Event Day Info Pack which will be emailed to all teams a few weeks prior to event day.
  • Read Sydney Coastrek Terms & Conditions. Ensure you have agreed to the Risk Waiver and accepted the T & Cs prior to Event Day or you will not be allowed to participate (most of you agreed to these when you completed your registration, this for those who still have to sign up!) .
  • Check your event start time listed on your Team Dashboard via Trekker login
  • Download the MAPS.ME app to your phone for both you AND your support crew. You can find instructions to download the MAP.ME app with the Sydney Coastrek map here HERE.
  • Note your team/bib number, which will be emailed to all teams prior to event day. Bring this number with you.
  • Please ensure you have completed your online registration and all your contact (including emergency contact) & medical details are up to date. You can check these on your dashboard account.

 Pre-Event Day Rego & Bib Collection in Sydney CBD

To make it easier for you, both 60km and 30km participants can register their team and pick up their event bibs TWO DAYS BEFORE. Also you can use your Coastrekkers 20% discount at the Paddy Pallin store! Woohoo!
WHERE:  Paddy Pallin CBD Store, 507 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000
WHO:     You can nominate a team member to register on behalf of the team and pick up your event bibs (make sure they know the team BIB number!).


Where do we register our team on Event Day?

If your team has not already picked up the bibs at Paddy Pallin you can register your team on the day:

60km Teams

Registration/Bib pick up will be on Event Day at North Steyne Surf Pavilion, Manly

30km Teams

Registration/Bib pick up will be on Event Day close to the start in Bradfield Park, Kirribilli This area is easily accessible by public transport, Milsons Point Station being the closest train station.

(note Registration for each wave opens 1hr before each start)


Registration Procedure

  • Each team member will have a unique bib & timing chip so make sure you are wearing the correct bib!
  • Any last minute team member changes need to be done at the Team Change Desk.
  • If you arrive after your wave registration is closed you will be asked to start in the next wave.
  • You cannot change events or start waves.


What time does my event start? Can I start or finish at other times?

Sydney Coastrek has different start waves starting from sunrise.

60km event start waves: 7.00am, 7.15am, 7.30am (note Registration for each wave opens 50mins before each start)

30km event start waves: 9.00am, 9.15am, 9.30am, 9.45am, 10.00am

When the team captain registers they'll have a choice to select the available start wave times for your event. All nominated team members are automatically given the start wave selected by their team captain.

Please start at the time that your team has been allocated, please do not attempt to start in an earlier wave. If you are late on event day for your allocated start time your team will be moved to the next available start.

Compulsory Gear You Must Carry

Compulsory Gear will be checked at Registration:

  • Hi-Vis Vest with reflective strips for each team member to be worn on roadways and at night/in the dark. We are required to carry out mandatory spot checks at registration and along the course. Available to buy at most hardware stores and online. For Pink vests try HERE!
  • Food and Water: minimum 2 litre water carrying capacity - bladder or bottles. Although a bladder in a backpack is a lot easier to carry: Note cups will not be provided at any of the Luv Stops.
  • Basic First Aid (e.g. blister pads, bandaids, sunscreen, tape, bandage) + 1 emergency/space blanket per team
  • Event bibs worn on front
  • For 60km teams: Head torch/hand torch + spare batteries, for the start/night walking.
  • Pin your event bibs on your front (pick these up at Registration).
  • Recommended: Phones on at least 2 different networks, and spare toilet paper (for just in case).
  • For gear suggestions check out the chapter: How to Prepare for Coastrek - OMG What Shall I wear HERE.
  • MAPS.ME version of the route on at least 2 phones in the team, different networks as coverage can be intermittent. Follow the instructions HERE to set it up. 

    What should I wear?
  • Check our Coastrek E-Book 'OMG What Do I Wear' for gear recommendations and your Virtual Goodie Bag on the website for partner discounts.


What food and drink should I take with me. What services and food are provided at the Luv Stops?

What should I eat and drink in the lead up to the event?

Once registered, please read our E-Book 'Nourishing Your Body' under Resources for recommendations from Nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan.

What food and drink should I take with me on event day?

You should aim to be self-sufficient during Coastrek as we will supply only basic light refreshments at the staffed LUV Stops. Plan to carry enough food to cover hourly snacks to keep you topped up while you walk, then get additional supplies from your support team or at cafes along the way when you pass through Manly, Kirribilli, Rose Bay, The Rocks & Bondi (during normal business hours).

If you have your own support crew they can carry your food for you and have it waiting for you when you meet them!  Most importantly, carrying a minimum of 2 litres of water is required on Event Day. 

What food, drink & services will we find at the Luv Stops?

This information will be available closer to the event.


What is the emergency procedure?


  • First Aiders will be at each Luv ♥ Stop - for minor issues come to the first aid area.
  • If you need help on the course follow these steps:
    • STEP 1: Call or text the Coastrek Emergency Phone 0447 447 157( also on your bib) who will arrange help.
    • STEP 2: If you can't get through and you're in doubt of severity call 000.
    • STEP 3: Call your support crew if they can assist.
    • STEP 4: If you do leave the course you/your team mates must advise HQ 0411 344 138

LIFE-THREATENING ISSUES - Call Emergency Services

  • STEP 1: Call 000 (you must tell them that you are part of the Sydney Coastrek event).
  • STEP 2: Call the Coastrek Emergency Phone number 0447 447 157 on your bib and advise what has happened

Phone numbers will be on your event bib and you can also save them on your phone.

Remember! One person must stay with the injured person while the other/s get help. Focus on making the injured person comfortable and reassure them that help is on the way.

NOTE: As with any such activity, there are hazards and risks associated with the Coastrek. Wild Women On Top recommend that, at a minimum, you have Ambulance cover in case of emergency during the event.

What is the procedure for going through LUV stops / Checkpoints?

There are three staffed Checkpoints, otherwise known as Luv ♥ Stops, on the 60km route, one check point on the 30km route between the Start and Finish & a timing strip at South Head. At these points, you will be required to step over a timing strip that will register the chip in your bib. You must present the whole team together at these stops so that your team's progress can be recorded. 

Where can our Support crew meet us along the way?

You will be able to meet your Support Crew as many times as you like along the route, when it is safe and appropriate to do so. Support Crew will also be able to meet you at other times/locations in an emergency or when a team member is withdrawing. Support Crews CANNOT transport you along the route by vehicle, unless you have withdrawn from the event.

What happens if 2 or more of our team withdraw?

Please see the Terms and Conditions for Sydney Coastrek.

So we can help take good care of you, you MUST contact the Sydney Coastrek Headquarters (contact number will be on your bib) immediately if you or any team member are withdrawing. Failure to do so means your team will not be eligible for an official placing in the results and we will send out a search party for you, which could be embarrassing. If a team member gets injured, take them to the nearest hospital or to an open Luv ♥ Stop if they need First Aid. If a team member cannot be moved, one person must stay with him/her while the other goes for help.

In case of emergency (e.g. serious injury, breathing difficulty, bush fire) you must call 000. If you have a non-urgent medical issue, please contact the First Aid Team (contact number will be on your bib) and they will assist.

 If your team is reduced to one member during the day, they must link up with another team and walk with at least one other registered Coastrekker. If your team is reduced to two or less members during the night they must link up with another team and walk with at least two other registered trekkers, for safety purposes.

Does my team need to stick together at all times?

Yes! For morale and safety reasons, teams must start together, travel together and finish together. T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieves More!!!

What should we do with our rubbish?

The Wild Women On Top Coastrek subscribes to a "Leave No Trace" policy of bushwalking, which requires that all rubbish is taken out and trekkers leave only footprints. Please adhere to this - and help us keep Sydney as stunningly beautiful as nature intended it! Waste facilities will be available at the Luv ♥ Stops and there are also plenty of public garbage bins along the routes.

Can the event be cancelled or postponed?

Please see Terms and Conditions for Sydney Coastrek.

If WWOT, the event organisers, deem the course unsafe (for example by reason of heavy rain, lightning, high winds, bushfires, 'acts of god') we may, at our sole discretion, re-route the course, find an alternative shortened course or cancel the event. Organisers also reserve the right to cancel the event for any other reason which may include but is not limited to terrorism or war.

If the event is cancelled, re-routed or shortened, no refund of registration fees, fundraising monies or transfer to another event will be made. Due to the scale of the event, the bureaucratic complications and travel and commitment involved by competitors and volunteers, the event will not be re-scheduled to any other weekend.

Where can we get water along the route?

We require you each carry a hydration pack with a 2-litre capacity bladder & a 600ml bottle for mixing electrolytes if used. Water stations will be available along the route at the LUV Stops and there are taps at other locations and shops to purchase water. BUT remember your safety is your responsibility - be prepared to expect the unexpected!