15km - Sydney Coastrek 2019

Quick Facts

Date 15th Mar 2019

Location Sydney

Fundraising Amount
$500 pp

15km - Sydney Coastrek 2019

Hike 15km at moonlight in teams of four from Mosman via secret bush trails to Manly.

  • Pre-Sale Access: SOLD OUT in 3 hrs
  • Early Bird Registration: SOLD OUT
  • Standard Registration: SOLD OUT
  • Benefits
  • Get fit and happy with friends
  • Proudly support The Fred Hollows Foundation
  • Luvmyhike 12-Week Training Program
  • Nutrition, training and gear tips

  • Fundraising
  • Get motivated to change lives with an epic fundraising goal
  • Each team commits to raising $2000 for charity
  • Coastrekkers have raised over $25 million to date

  • Teams with Vacancies

    Mixed Blend

    Our Goal $ 2000.00
    Raised so far $ 972.80

    Individuals looking to join or create a team

    Name Taryan Walsh
    Event 15KM
    Email taryan.tw@gmail.com
    Mobile +0447333251
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi everyone, I am looking to complete my first coastrek! Would love to find a team for the moonlight Mosman to Manly. I'm in my mid 40's looking for fitness, adventure and to show off my kickass, wild woman side!
    Name Jenny Hayes
    Event 15KM
    Email jhayes3@woolworths.com.au
    Mobile 0421259146
    Gender Female
    Name Gaille Walton
    Event 15KM
    Email gaillewalton@gmail.com
    Mobile 0407946631
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi Everyone I’m so keen to do the 15km trek. I’m in my 60s, yes, but am very fit. Have recently returned from a Walk Japan trip, where we walked up and down hills and small mountains for 10 days, averaging 12-15km every day. No problem. I hope so done will have a vacancy for me. I’d love to be signing in tomorrow-Tuesday-to save some money.
    Name Sharon Dockrill
    Event 15KM
    Email dockrill2000@yahoo.com.au
    Mobile +61413812760
    Gender Female
    Comments First of all I turned 70 last year. Have done both distances 55km (5 times) and 30km (twice). Felt it was time to try the shorter distance. I live in the Hills area, also stair climbing events.
    Name Angela Bennett
    Event 15KM
    Email aben445@gmail.com
    Mobile 0412521160
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi There Im keen to find a team to complete the 15klm event. I have previously completed the 55klm from Cronulla to Balmoral, which was a great experience. Im in my mid 40s and look forward to the opportunity to participate, get fit, meet new people, and raise funds for a really great cause.
    Name Mina
    Event 15KM
    Email Mina_lesani@yahoo.com
    Mobile 0491088255
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi everyone. I have recently moved to Sydney from UK but love to join for this walk and be inspired by the energy of women who are ready to challenge themselves in order to help the other human beings through this wonderful charity. Also My teacher M.A.Taheri is in prison in Iran now for over 8 years just for his ideas which is talking all about love and peace and freedom. I will be his voice wherever I go to spread love, peace and humanity!
    Name Sonja
    Event 15KM
    Email sistersoulshine7@gmail.com
    Mobile 0410349667
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi everyone, looking to complete my first coast trek and would love to join a team for the moonlight walk. Fit and keen :)
    Name Catherine
    Event 15KM
    Email catherine.oneill2018@outlook.com
    Mobile 0419978807
    Gender Female
    Name Lara Pierce
    Event 15KM
    Email lara.pierce10@gmail.com
    Mobile 0429996919
    Gender Female
    Comments This will be my first CoasTREK! 29yr old woman with a large, very happy fur companion ???? Hoping to find a like-minded team to complete this adventure with & help support this Foundation ???? Located: Richmond, NSW Transiting to CBD for the event NIGHT ????
    Name Maryanne Halll
    Event 15KM
    Email hallmaryanne9@gmail.com
    Mobile 0400951261
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi My name is Maryanne and would like to be part of a team of possible I am 59 and have experience walking 12km bush walks
    Name Ann Nicholls
    Event 15KM
    Email nichollsa@hotmail.com
    Mobile 0414412410
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi Myself ( I am 63) and my daughter Kimberley ( she is 29) would love to join a team for the moonlight mosman to manly walk if anyone has 2 spots. thanks
    Name Anne marie Neylan
    Event 15KM
    Email Annemarien61@gmail.com
    Mobile 0448123749
    Gender Female
    Comments would love to join a team and fundraise love walking did 150 of Camino this year
    Name Mara Mantaring
    Event 15KM
    Email maramantaring@yahoo.com
    Mobile 0401393401
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi, Hoping i can join a team for the 15km walk. It's my first time joining but very keen on finishing the walk and meeting new people.
    Name Janet
    Event 15KM
    Email Bohrae@gmail.com
    Mobile 0412285723
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi! Im looking for to enjoy a team im 67years old. I did 30km few years ago I loved the experience I need get fit again if you can help me fit me in your team.
    Name Natalie Greenfield
    Event 15KM
    Email Enemge@gmail.com
    Mobile 0431786787
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi everyone, I’m in my 40’s, a very keen walker and would love to join a group to do this little adventure for the first time.
    Name Sneha Joshi
    Event 15KM
    Email drsnehajoshi03@gmail.com
    Mobile 0456000045
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi, very keen to join a team for this 15km walk. I am fit and in my late 40. It is on my birthday and hence would love to do the walk
    Name Karen Hilb
    Event 15KM
    Email karen.hilble@gmail.com
    Mobile 0413912738
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi I am looking to join a team for 15km - I am super excited to do my first coastrek walk which will be one of many to come. Im late 30 and relatively fit and any life-long female friendship is an added bonus! Look forward to hearing from anyone interested
    Name Kylie
    Event 15KM
    Email Kdorn70@bigpond.com
    Mobile 0412473570
    Gender Female
    Comments Very late notice but would love to be part of a team. Anyone wanting a last minute team member, I'm your women! Will be down in Sydney for the start of Mardi Gras!!
    Name Kate M
    Event 15KM
    Email Kateamarshall@gmail.com
    Mobile 0414929277
    Gender Female
    Comments Keen to join a team that’s about encouragement and teamwork! Over 50s preferred. Reasonable pace!
    Name Kim
    Event 15KM
    Email Ingramkim728@gmail.com
    Mobile 0448700730
    Gender Female
    Comments Love to join a team for the 15km! Fit
    Name Aurelie Viger
    Event 15KM
    Email aviger.marketing@gmail.com
    Mobile 0411795779
    Gender Female
    Comments Hi there, my friend and I (27-29) are climbing the Himalayas at the end of the hear and looking to do some short walks all year as preparation :) please let us know if you’re doing the 15km or 30km walk and still need to fill your team!
    Name Andrew
    Event 15KM
    Email andcisco@gmail.com
    Mobile 0439668850
    Gender Male
    Comments Trekking to Restore Sight