+ How do I start fundraising?

After completing and paying your registration, you will have a fundraising page on the Coastrek web-site.

A fundraising page is your own web page where your friends, family and colleagues can go to make a secure online donation to you, paying with their credit card or via PayPal, and receive their tax receipt.

Your fundraising target is displayed on your page so everyone can see how close you are to hitting your goal.

We recommend you personalise your fundraising page:

  • Log-in to your trekker account – from red log-in button on Home page, using the email address and password chosen at the time of completing your registration. If you forget your password, it can be reset by clicking on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link.
  • Upload a photo of yourself
  • Add a compelling reason why you are doing Coastrek and telling people about your support for The Fred Hollows Foundation
  • Set your fundraising target – minimum $500 (Team Captain also set's the goal for the team page - minimum $2,000)
  • Regularly update the blog section with words and photos from your latest training session and fundraising activity
  • Send emails to your friends and family to sponsor you
  • Keep track of your fundraising results, thank your sponsors and push your fundraising target higher
+ Is fundraising compulsory?

Yes, Coastrek is a fitness AND fundraising challenge.

All trekkers commit, at the time of registration, to fundraise $2,000 (or $500 per team member) for The Fred Hollows Foundation to restore sight to needlessly blind people.

It's not as hard as you might think! You'll be surprised at how generous your friends and family will be when they learn that you're going to walk for up to 12 hours to raise money to restore sight.

If you ask 20 friends to sponsor you with $25 each, you've reached your target!

+ When do I need to fundraise by?

You can get started immediately after completing your registration. Just like starting on your training program, starting early with your fundraising will give you the best chance at success, will boost your confidence and reassure you of the relative ease of this task.

You should aim to raise most of your funds by event day. Fundraising ‘Tally Day’ is at midnight Sunday, 10 days after Coastrek. The top fundraising teams will be recognised after Tally Day, and awarded prizes.

Your fundraising page will remain live for several weeks after the event day, and you are welcome to continue to actively fundraise after Tally Day.

+ How do I get my fundraising page?

Your team and personal fundraising pages are automatically created for you once your team captain has registered the team and paid, and after each team member has completed their registration and paid to participate.

+ What if our team doesn't raise the $2,000 fundraising minimum?

Fundraising is as much a part of Coastrek as trekking. Each team is required to raise at least $2,000 (or $500 per team member) for the sight restoring work of The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Neither The Fred Hollows Foundation nor the Wild Women On Top will charge you any missing fundraising amount, if your team fails to reach the minimum target of $2,000 by event day.

However any repeat team or trekker which did not reach the minimum team fundraising goal in a previous Coastrek event, need to show the minimum $2,000 goal on their team page by Monday of the event week. Teams failing to raise the agreed fundraising target by that day will be disqualified from participating in the event. Entry fees are not refundable

The Wild Women On Top Coastrek rules give the organiser the right to disallow any team members to participate in any future Coastrek event, if they deem your fundraising efforts insufficient. 

Remember the Coastrek Fundraising Team is here to support you and are dedicated to making reach the $2,000 target as simple and as fun as possible. Email or call any time on 1800 203 691.

Please note that The Fred Hollows Foundation will never deduct any money from your credit card or account without your knowledge and consent.

+ What happens if one team member hasn’t raised $500?

Coastrek is a team challenge - so we look at the team total. As long as the team together has raised $2,000 or more, you will have achieved the goal.

+ Where does the money go?

All donations from Coastrek go to The Fred Hollows Foundation. All fundraising activities, including Coastrek, have some costs.

The Fred Hollows Foundation’s fundraising costs are audited annually and published in our annual report, which is available on our website.

+ What’s the best way to get people to sponsor me?

The easiest way, is to share the link to your fundraising page, via email, Facebook or Twitter. 

Your fundraising page is ‘public’ on the Coastrek web-site, and people can find you by the ‘Find a trekker to sponsor’ search box.

You can make it easier for them by sending them a direct link to your page. Once you've logged into your fundraising page, there is a ‘My Emails’ section with sample ‘Ask for support’ email templates. These can also be found in the Fundraising Resources section, under ‘Fundraising How-To Guides’.

We recommend you copy the templates (or send it to yourself) and email people from your ‘regular’ email account, so that you can easily keep track of who you have asked; and email ALL your contacts. 

Thanking donors

The ‘My Emails’ section also has a template ‘Thank sponsors’ email.

All donations received, will appear on your fundraising page. They will also appear on the ‘Dashboard’ of your account – and a ‘Send Thanks’ button will appear next to each donation, clicking through to the template thank-you.

This is an easy way to keep track of who you have thanked and your supporters will appreciate the gesture. 

+ I’m not comfortable asking my friends for money - What do you recommend?

The important thing to remember is that you are not asking for yourself.

You are asking for people to help The Fred Hollows Foundation to restore sight.

  • We recommend you firstly, tell people about the amazing challenge you're taking on to help restore sight, and why you are doing the event.
  • Then tell them that as little as $25 can restore sight to someone who is needlessly blind - which is totally life changing!
  • Do use the template emails – they are carefully worded and proven to work.

You only need 20 friends to give you $25 each and you've already raised your minimum fundraising target. 

+ What do I do with a cheque; if friends give me cash; or I have a lump sum of cash from an event?

In the ‘How-to guides’ under Fundraising Resources on the website you find our guides on how to manage cheques, cash or lump sum donations.

Give us a call on 1800 203 691 if you need assistance 

+ How else can I fundraise?

Arrange an event and invite your friends, family and workmates.

The most popular and successful ways include: a movie screening, morning or afternoon teas, cocktail parties or high teas, meals, BBQs or sausage sizzles and trivia nights.

Holding a raffle at any type of event, can help boost your fundraising.

Please see our ‘How-To Guides’ under Fundraising Resources or give us a quick call for advice or help on 1800 203 691

+ Are donations tax deductible?

A straight donation of $2 or more, is tax deductible for Australian tax payers.

If the donor receives something material in return for the money, such as a raffle ticket, dinner or auction item, the payment is not tax deductible.

+ I am hosting an event - How can The Foundation help?

The Fred Hollows Foundation can help with:

  • A personalised Letter of Authority to fundraise
  • A copy of the relevant public liability insurance policy
  • FHF posters, newsletters and cardboard cataract simulation spectacles
  • Links to suitable short video clips
  • Guest speakers for large events (100+ guests)
  • Advice – our Coastrek fundraising team are fundraising experts and we LOVE to hear about Coastrekkers’ events.
  • Just call 1800 203 691 or email via coastrek@hollows.org


+ Can I issue receipts to my sponsors?

When a donation is made online via your fundraising page, a tax receipt is instantly emailed to the donor.

The Fred Hollows Foundation does not usually issue receipt books to its fundraisers for Coastrek.

Please contact the Coastrek team if you need assistance with receipts - 1800 203 691

+ My work place has a Matched Giving program - What do I need to do?

Many companies have matched giving programs that pledge to donate the same amount of money raised by their employees or a lump sum.

Speak to your HR representative to discuss what information they require, to match your Coastrek fundraising.

The Coastrek team can provide you with any of the following, as required:

  • A report confirming your participation in Coastrek,
  • Summary details of the total funds you have raised
  • Bank account details to transfer the matching funds
  • An invoice 

NB - Matched giving funds need to be received by The Fred Hollows Foundation by midnight on Tally Night to count towards your teams’ total for the fundraising awards.

However, fundraising pages will remain open after this date and money can still be remitted 2-3 months later. Please let the Coastrek team know of any matching funds to come.